Midwife Appointments

At our midwife appointments you can discuss anything related to pregancy and birth, we’re here to answer all your questions and see to your needs. We want to help you find your own path in pregnancy and childbirth.

We offer personal midwife appointments at the House of Midwives and midwife home visits; choose the best way to meet your midwife. Advice over the phone can sometimes be enough, but is often also the start to meeting your midwife and your personal midwife relationship. We also offer acupuncture as a holistic treatment for many ailments as well as for support in our midwifery treatments.


At the House of Midwives    110€ / 1,5 h
Home Visit                           150€ / 1,5 h



During pregnancy you can come to the House of Midwives alone or with your birth partner. The first birth can still be ahead of you and the unknown raises many thoughts and physical feelings.

Birth related fears and previous negative birthing experiences also need attention and processing in good time before the next birth. It’s very important to find your own strength and the joy of birth – a personal midwife can be a part of the journey to discover these.

The Midwife appointments are what you need them to be, for example:

  • Discussion and guidance on a particular subject: why something was done at a previous birth, how to avoid tearing, how to manage at home with contractions, re my breasts good for breastfeeding, bathing the baby, acupuncture and Gua Sha use during birth, the benefits and possibilities of water birthing at the hospital etc.
  • Preparing for birth by drawing: drawing can teach you to listen to yourself better as a birther and to find subliminal wishes, fears and strengths. This method requires no drawing skills. You can draw your own birth labyrinth that can work as a power poster in your birth.
  • Contemplation with your midwife about the possibility of a home birth or your personal midwife participating in the birth as a midwife at home and a doula at the hospital.
  • Relaxing coccyx- and metamorphosis massage by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Creating a Birth Plan together with your midwife: A birth plan doesn’t guarantee the progression of the birth or the fulfilment of all your wishes, but it creates a direction towards which you will journey in your birth. It will also help your hospital midwife, who doesn’t know you from before, to consider the wishes and thoughts that are carrying you towards the birth of your child.
  • Other: listening to the baby’s heartbeat, checking the positioning and presentation of the baby, blood pressure check-ups, dealing with feelings and frustrations that being past the due date brings etc.