Midwifery care I received as my guide in becoming a midwife

I have given birth to two wonderful daughters. First one by an elective C-section and the second vaginally after induction. With both pregnancies and births I have been attended to by truly amazing midwives.

My motherhood and the experiences I had with my midwives set forth my initial desire to leave my work as a communication consultant and learn a new profession – to become a midwife.

With both of my pregnancies I was seeing my lovely midwife Johanna in her independent practice at House of Midwives (Kätilötalo). Her calm presence and assistance was invaluable. My first-born persisted in her breech position and the month before my second baby was born the continuous and painful Braxton-Hicks contractions exhausted me.

Support and guidance of a gentle, experienced and understanding midwife helped me to feel more confident in both situations. I got a new perspective and hope to trek ahead and felt more ready to face the unknown in front of me.

I feel that one of the most important traits in a midwife is the ability to encourage the birthing woman to find her way and accept her as she is. Not forgetting honesty, love and gratitude. On her way to birth still unknown to her, a mother needs the most gentle and secure assistance.

As a birther and a mother I have both needed and received tremendous amount of support and encouragement. As a midwife-to-be I deeply wish that I can be the one with whom the birthing women in my care can open, feel vulnerable and yet powerful. I wish to be the rooted source of strength in those moments of doubt. But also sensitive in hearing what is not being said. I wish to become the midwife guiding the mother, baby and family along the path of their own.

– Maria Kesti, second-term midwifery student, Metropolia – Helsinki

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