Gentle midwifery with over 20 years’ experience

At our midwifery practise you will receive holistic, friendly and professional care and guidance for pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period including breastfeeding. We provide services in the capital region and at the House of Midwives in Töölö.


NOTE! The COVID 19 also brings changes to the midwife


Now they are busy in the public health care, so I offer a free “Call the Midwife” call time. So, I’m sitting in front of the phone to answer (as many calls as I have time) every weekday morning from 8.30 to 9.


Midwife’s telephone reception 30 min / 40 € or 60 min / 70 €.
BOOK A TIME or 050-301 9631 / Anu or Vello to make an appointment


– Birth Classes / midwife appointment at your home or via phone/video webinar(zoom)
Birth Class online  2h / 159 € (via phone / zoom)

BOOK A TIME or 050-301 9631 / Anu or Vello to make an appointment

– birth classes at House of Midwives and midwife appointment ( breastfeeding counseling) are still open also

A midwife is your fellow traveller on the birth journey

A personal and trusting relationship with a familiar midwife supports your pregnancy journey and empowers the whole family. Your own midwife will help you to prepare for the upcoming birth and life with the baby.

A midwife cares for the whole woman

At the House of Midwives practice we use acupuncture, gua-sha and other functional methods to help ease discomfort and promote relaxation during the different phases of pregnancy and birth. Co-journeying can also help in strengthening the transition into the next phase of womanhood during menopause.

We want to help you find your own path during pregnancy, on the journey to birth, breastfeeding, parenthood, womanhood, when your experience of health is out of balance and when menopause is approaching or when the waves are already in your life.

A midwife cares for the woman and the family as a fellow traveller on your journey. Choose your own midwife to travel with you 

Read more about us and get to know us better:  Anu Lampinen.