Thatcher’s testimonial of the home birth of his son ♥

My two brothers and I were all born at home, so for me deciding on a home birth was easy. Finding Johanna and Anu here in Helsinki, however, was a blessing. They are a remarkable blend of soulful and sensible, calming and confident.

We’ve experienced LOTS of their blessings over the past months—regular visits with tea and storytelling, invitations to meet other couples and attend birth-related art openings, massage and treatments (which they both gave and many times taught as well).

We experienced confident care, and that confidence spread to us both, which was so important, especially during late pregnancy when we were feeling worry and stress about the baby being ‘overdue’. They shared books specially for dads and partners, and rather than the encouragement I would have expected, I felt their respect and gratitude—a great feeling for a first-time dad! On the night of the birth I experienced our child coming into this world as a man in a circle of women, in a country where I don’t yet speak the language, and felt only loved, needed, included, and inspired. I simple can’t imagine a more perfect experience.

Deeper-than-paljon kiitos, Johanna and Anu

If you’re considering having a home birth in the Helsinki metropolitan area, contact us in good time so that we can contemplate it together. You can also have us attend your hospital birth as midwife-doulas.

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