Midwifery ServicesPriceDuration
Home Birth-package2 750€
Water Birthing Equipment150€
Midwife-Doula-package1 150€
Midwife Appointment80€90 min.
Midwife Homevisit150€90 min.
Acupuncture treatment, 1st visit80€90 min.
Acupuncture treatment, follow-up visits55€60 min.
Milky Morning-sessions15€1 x 2h
50€4 x 2h
100€10 x 2h
Courses for Birthers and FamiliesPriceDuration
Birth Preparation-group200€ / pair6h (2 x 3h)
140€ / solo
First Weeks with the Baby-course100€ / pair3h
80€ / solo
Birth Prep + First Weeks-package270€ / pair9h
198€ / solo
Private Birth Preparation Class200€3h
Movement & Rhythm-course120€4 x 90 min.
Fix Your Corset-course120€4 x 90 min.
Courses for WomenPriceDuration
Acupressure for Menopause114€3h