The midwives at the House of Midwives also work as doulas at hospital births. A midwife-doula usually works as a midwife at home when the birth begins and can be a great help in getting the birth to progress quite far in a familiar environment before moving to the hospital.

As you move to the hospital your midwife becomes your doula, who will support you and your birth partner and helps you to establish a good relationship with your hospital midwife.

Kätilötalo | Doula ja kätilödoula

’Home birth at the hospital’ – giving birth at the hospital that feels as safe and familiar as giving birth at home – is possible with your own birth-tribe and a safe, loving environment that trusts in the power of the woman giving birth.

Our Midwife-Doula-package (1350€) includes an introductory meeting, 2-4 midwife visits before the birth, support from the beginning of labour until after the birth as well as a home visit after the birth to support with breastfeeding and discussing the birth journey.

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House of Midwives | Doula and Midwife-doula

A familiar midwife-doula knows you and how to best support you and ease your discomfort.