Johanna Sarlio-Nieminen

kätilö johanna sarlio-nieminen kätilötalo

Johanna Sarlio-Nieminen is midwife, WHO-breastfeeding counselor and has MA in Anthropology.

Skilled in acupressure, reflexology and gua-sha in maternity care, birth preparations and supporting the processing of previous births.

“Being present, trust and love are the basis of my midwifery. I travel as midwife along the unique pregnancy and birth journeys of the woman and her family.”

What would you like to know abut me?

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Work experience
  • Midwife in in Tammisaari maternity hospital (1997-2000/ 2005-2010)
  • Midwife in labour ward in Kätilöopisto maternity hospital (2010-2013)
  • Project coordinator of Väestöliitto’s sexual and reproductive health project in Malawi, East-Africa (2000-2005)
  • Private midwife from 2011: midwifery, midwife-doula, trainer, mentor and lecturer
Areas particularly close to my heart
  • Maintaining normalcy in pregnancy and birth and salutogenic model of care
  • Pregnancy and birth as a transformative journey
  • Families of two cultures
  • Midwifery as bridge between home and hospital culture
  • Menopause as birth into new stage of womanhood
Contact information

Tel.: 040-561 2916

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My Path as a Midwife

Every midwife has their path to where they currently have reached. The starting point of my midwifery lies in my admiring my brave and humorous godmother and midwife Tuija, my role-model. Although was not quite sure if I could develop the needed patience for waiting, midwifery was high on my list of professions towards which I would aim.

Johanna ja Tuija

Equipped with studies in anthropology I learned patience, growing deep roots that one can stand on even in windy weather and different ways of mothering in the orphanage of 80 boys in highlands of Lesotho, Southern Africa back in the 1980’s.

yebomama lesotho

I studied and graduated as a hospital midwife while yearning to extend the boundaries of hospital midwifery wider into communities and homes. I was lucky to start practicing midwifery in the small maternity hospital of Tammisaari where midwifery had less limits and plenty of innovative and knowledgeable midwife-colleagues to learn from.

yebomama kätilö

I searched for more ways to support women birth actively in hospital-settings through attending courses by wise women, midwives experienced in all modes of birthing. First learning session with Ina May Gaskin, the Right Livelyhood Award 2011-receiver for her struggles in keeping birth normal, unmedicalised and safe in was in London 2000.

Many years of holistic midwifery in Tammisaari and several more years of African wisdom followed…

yebomama africa

..until my new encounter in 2010 at the Advanced Midwifery course with Ina May Gaskin on the Farm in Tennessee and the inspiring example of my midwife-colleague and acupuncture-practitioner Anu lead to me starting Yebomama alongside my working as a hospital midwife.

So time for new births again. I will give you all I have gathered along my path and trust that you, the mamas, babies, families will teach me yet so much more more!