Home Birth

Note: Regrettably no homebirth services available 1.4-31.12.2019

The most important thing in a birth is an atmosphere of love, respect, trust and safety. Some women feel they can only achieve this at home. As midwives we will assist you in thinking about it, planning and making it a reality when you choose your home as the place for your birth.

As midwives we assist you in considering the home as your birth place and in planning your home birth. Should you choose to give birth at home, we are happy to assist you at your birth. After several years of attending at home births we have created a holistic home birth package that keeps you at the center of your birth, like your home, to where we will arrive respectfully as trusted and loving visitors ♥


Our Home Birth-package, includes:

  • Three meetings before the birth
  • Midwife on call pregnancy weeks 38-42
  • Midwife accessible by phone 24/7
  • Two midwives to attend your home birth
  • Home birthing equipment
  • Home visits once or twice a day after the birth until the newborn check-up with a neonatologist
  • Birth discussion after the birth, when you are ready and feel it’s the right time

According to the Stockholm Model our criteria for a home birth are:

  • You are in good health and have given birth before
  • Your pregnancies and births have been normal
  • Baby is not expected to be very tiny nor particularly heavy
  • Baby is born between pregnancy weeks 38+0 and 41+6
  • Nearest hospital is max 40 minutes away
  • In addition to the midwives you should have a partner/doula who stay(s) with you after the birth
  • You are non-smoking and you value and care for your health

As home birth midwives we respect and appreciate the choices you make regarding your birth and we are present as midwives providing warm support and professional safety.

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