What is birth preparation?

Childbirth classes will educate and prepare you for the birth of your child. You can attend our childbirth classes alone or with your birth partner. In the classes we will gently discuss birth and birth pain, medication in birth, possible use of tools in birth, the birth and treatments of the baby as well as breastfeeding.

In our childbirth classes you will get to know your own birthing body better and prepare for your birth journey privately or in a group setting. You will learn the difference between pain and suffering and will receive tools to use in your birth. You and your birth partner will gain plenty of information and practical knowledge. Your birth partner will also get information and confidence in how to best help and support the birthing mother, both in birth and afterwards.

By preparing you give your baby a better birth

By actively preparing for birth you are already reducing birth pains and through this decreasing the use of medication during your birth; well prepared your birth will progress better and most likely require less intervention. The classes help you to understand birth and birth pains so that the experience will be as enjoyable as possible.

Everyone has their own path to prepare for birth. In addition to knowledge you might find things such as dancing, singing, music, literature, poetry, yoga and breathing exercises helpful in your preparation.

The House of Midwives Childbirth Classes will give you:

♥ knowledge and understanding
♥ tools and confidence
♥ strength and serenity
♥ build trust in your unique birth journey

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Birth Can Awaken Early Memories

Pregnancy and birth can awaken early memories in women. The mother-to-be might remember what it was like to be cared for and what it is to receive the love of her child. Positive memories are a source of strength in birth.

Correspondingly negative memories might also arise and especially in this case the mother-to-be needs support. For a mother carrying traumatic experiences birth can be a healing and empowering experience. When the mother-to-be is burdened with negative emotions it is especially important that she feels safe and loved during the birth.

Who Are The Childbirth Classes For?

The classes are for anyone who wants to prepare. Coming to a class is not compulsory. The classes are suited for both mothers and fathers and birth partners – we accommodate everyone.

The father can often be seen as an assistant in birth – remember, that even though it is the mother who is physically giving birth, the baby is born to both parents. There is no need to be a hero in birth or to possess a certain amount of knowledge in order to participate. You can best support the birthing mother as you are; the way your partner knows you.

The role of a bystander is not easy, because you will easily feel helpless. The childbirth classes will give you knowledge and practical skills with which you can support and help your partner. By preparing you will better understand what happens in a birthing room.

Childbirth Classes at the House of Midwives

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House of Midwives Birth Preparation Classes (2 x 3h)
You will gain basic information about birth and its physiology. The classes will support you to manage at home and in the hospital with the birthing pains and help you to uncover your birthing strength. In the classes we practice movements and positions as well as strengthen your birthing partners skills to support you.

You can participate in the group classes together with your birth partner or alone.

English Birth Preparation Group (2 x 3h) price 200 € pair / 140 € solo
Private Birth Preparation Class (1 x 3h) price 185 €

English Birth Preparation Classes Spring 2017:

February: 14th & 16th 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.
March: 1st & 2nd 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.
April: 1st & 13th 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.
May: 9th & 11th 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.
June: 6th & 8th 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

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Private Birth Preparation Classes
We can customise the birth preparation classes to your needs. We can teach the class in English, Swedish, Spanish or French (or a mix of these) and he location can either be at the House of Midwives or in your home. All who are going to participate in the birth can also participate in the private class.

Please contact us for further information on prices and what classes we are offering in addition to birth preparation.

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