Preparing For Birth

Birth preparation classes assist you to be informed of the path in front you and helps you to be prepared in advance to situations you may encounter and ways you can meet them. The classes help you to see how important it is to see yourself as active and central actor in your birth and your birth partner as equally active support for you. Birth classes also shed light on ways the maternity hospitals function and what are the routines that you are likely to encounter and what possible decisions you may need to do while birthing. The birth classes will also assist you to look beyond birth – the newborn and early breastfeeding.

At House of Midwives only birth classes for one family.

Private one family birth class is organised on date and time that suit you.

Birth Preparation Classes in House of Midwives will give you:

♥ knowledge and understanding
♥ tools and confidence
♥ strength and serenity
♥ build trust in your unique birth journey

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Post Partum Preparation Classes in House of Midwives will give you:

This class will help you to understand the special days after birth. How to breastfeed, take care of the newborn and yourself. Nowadays when midwives are busy in the hospitals, it is important to know basics about breastfeeding and recovery already beforehand.

Hospital routines
Life at home with baby
Newborn´s sleep
Breastfeeding and bottle feeding
Mother’s recovery
Amazing newborn
The role of spouse
Baby massage