TCM acupuncture approaches ailments holistically. It is based on balance within person and does not separate physical and mental ailments. The goal of acupuncture is to move the life-force, Qi.

Acupuncture helps in all life-phases

Acupuncture treatments can be used in all phases of life – also during pregnancy and menopause.

When you come to the appointment I will chart your ailments – when they began, where they are felt) and I will listen to different pulses. I will make a diagnosis based on the principals of Chinese Medicine and treat you accordingly.

During the acupuncture treatment you can lay on your back/side or sit. Sometimes the needles or acupoints can be heated with moxibustion or gua-sha can be used.

How the treatment is felt
Acupuncture needles are tiny, so inserting the needles is barely be felt. Once the needles are in their places you may feel a slight pressure or heat but no pain.

After the treatment
After a treatment you may feel drowsy. The ailments should fade away within a day. Sometimes you feel very tired afterwards, but the ailments should not strengthen. You should take it easy after treatment and avoid swimming, bathing and excessive physical activity.

Treatment intensity
In acute ailments treatments should be twice weekly, in chronic ailments once a week.

Usually you can be prepared for a set of treatments

  • 3-6 treatments with mild ailments
  • 6-12 treatments with multiple ailments or a larger problem
  • 12-24 treatments with multiple large ailments

The number of treatments needed varies depending on how you initially respond to it. Sometimes one single treatment can be helpful.

Acupuncture to help in all the phases of a woman’s life:

First appointment 1,5h / 105€
Follow-up appointments á 1h / 75€

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Akupunktio hoito Kätilötalo

More information about acupuncture

Side effects of acupuncture
Possible side-effects from acupuncture treatment may be a bruise, a drop of blood when withdrawing the needle or a slight red ring around the place of puncture.

Very rarely and when unprofessionally treated: lung puncture, infection at puncture site if aseptic practise has not been applied or a needle breaks.

Midwifery acupuncture
Most of my clients come to me to get both acupuncture treatment and to connect with a midwife. During pregnancy acupuncture is a safe, economic and effective way of treating both the mother and the little one in the womb. I treat most pregnancy related ailments from heart-burn to common cold.

At birth acupressure – instead of acupuncture – is an easy and fast way to help. At my midwifery-acupuncture appointment I can teach your birth partner the way to use acupressure at birth. Many birthing women find acupressure a great help – pain is relieved, labour starts and birth progresses.

After birth acupuncture and acupressure eases discomfort, adds to your energy and raises the milk supply. You can use acupressure gently on your baby too, although mostly babies are treated through their mother.

During the menopause acupuncture can help treat many symptoms and ailments. Acupuncture can also be used to treat issues relating to infertility and menstruation. It can be used as a primary mode of care or to support and enhance other treatments.

Breech presentation and acupuncture
The baby’s position in the womb before birth begins is not so significant. When you want to attempt to turn a baby using acupuncture I suggest starting at pregnancy week 34 or after. The baby moving in the womb is an attempt to turn and you should facilitate the turn as much as possible. Find a suitable position in which you can relax, so that the baby can turn – this can be a shoulder stand or lying on the bed.

Don’t do deep squats if you have a breeched baby, because that will attach the presenting part (the buttocks) into the pelvis. Instead choose positions in which you are upside-down to encourage the baby’s buttocks to lift out of your pelvis. When the baby turns/is turned head down it’s time to take a long walk and do deep squats, in order to get the head lodged into your pelvis and prevent the baby from turning back to breech.

Turning a breech with moxibustion
Heat the acupoints (BL 67) on the outer edges of the little toes with moxibustion sticks 1-2 times a day, 15 min per point. Continue this for five days or until the baby has turned.