At our midwifery practise you will receive holistic, friendly and professional care and guidance for pregnancy, birth and post natal period including breastfeeding.

Personal and trusting relationship to your midwife supports your journey through pregnancy, assists in preparing for approaching birth and life with your newborn, allows you to take your midwife to birth in hospital or invite your midwife home should you consider birthing there.

In our practise acupuncture, reflexology, gua-sha and other holistic methods are used to alleaviate ailments during pregnancy and to relax and offer comfort during different phases of birth.

As woman’s co-traveller, a midwife can support a good transition into empowering menopause too.

We wish to be of assistance on your path be it towards pregnancy, birth, motherhood or beyond reproductive time.

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Johanna Sarlio-Nieminen ja Anu Lampinen.